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MB „Bildsol” was founded by proactive and experienced construction specialists in order to combine and manage several different Shipbuilding and General Construction services, more efficiently. The founders of the company have been working in the Shipbuilding industry for many years, where they have accumulated many years of experience in various profile works.

MB „Bildsol“ is:


Effective way of planning, execution, implementation and quality control of construction work.


Ability to create new ideas, think independently, non-stereo typically, quickly adjust to difficult situations, solve problems in the nice and easy way.


MB „Bildsol” is continuously successful in Shipbuilding and General construction Interior Design projects. We provide our services in many countries of the world – we have been working in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Scandinavian countries. Thanks to the experience of a multinational employee and managers team, we ensure smooth work process with shortest time and minimal costs. We are always ready to offer a competitive service rate with flexible work schedules.


The unconditional goal of our team is the highest quality of our services. While providing services, we pay special attention to the needs of our customers, but we strive to maintain all technical and work safety standards. We are constantly learning and improving, so the quality of our services is always increasing.


Ship interior

The company is experienced in interior installation as turnkey deliveries of entire cabin areas and electrical installation services for the Shipbuilding sector. Thanks to our qualified staff, we can offer a wide range of indoor installation services including:

Floor installation

Ships require special quality floors that have been tested and certified to the highest standards. Our staff with many years of experience will help you make decisions when choosing a floor covering.

Marine furniture

Our company can offer you standard and non-standard stainless steel and residential solutions, according to your field of activity and the specifics of the premises.

We provide the following services:

We produce:

We provide the following services:

We produce:

Cleaning services

All ship cleaning work:




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